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  • Cooked with love


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Acroc is a human grade pet food called homemade ration

Acroc is made for dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and weight. Our recipes are calibrated by a pet nutritionist to meet the AAFCO standards.

Without flour, salt and animal by-product, Acroc is a perfect solution for dogs and cats struggling with food allergies or common health problems.

It is proven that a dog’s life expectancy can be extended up to three years when your pet is feed with cooked homemade ration.

Curious to know more about Acroc and the homemade ration diet? We have all you need right here.

Acroc is unique

We say it loud and clear, nothing can be compares to Acroc when it comes the time to choose the greatest quality in pet food. Its taste and flavor, its nutritional values and its composition of human-grade ingredients are the delight of our little companions.

You can also alternate Acroc with other types of pet food if you wish, there are no particular constraints with our homemade rations, except your pet’s tastes and desires.

We are so convinced that if kitty or doggie lifts his nose of his bowl, we will refund your purchase!

How much Acroc patties should I give to my dog?

Hyperactive or leisy dog, cute little puppy or old traveling companion, skinny or chubby, if you want to know the perfect quantity of Acroc to give to your dog, here you go!

And what about kitty?

Your little bundle of love also has its own serving size calculator! No jealousy, calculate the portion needed for your cat here!

Ready to try?

Our samples are available free of charge at some of our drop-off points, or offered with a recurring online subscription. But before trying it, please read the disclaimer …


We are fully responsible for the addictive effects of our products. Dependence grows with use. Sorry for the inconvenience! 😉

They’re Acroc

  • Fidji

  • Eddy

  • Chivas

  • Stella

  • Haricot

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